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Amar Teams Are On The Frontlines Delivering Emergency Services To Refugees, Internally Displaced People And Other Underserved Populations Suffering From The Often Devastating Effects Of Human-made And Natural Humanitarian Disasters.

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When disaster strikes, people are driven from their homes. They lose loved ones, face violence and torture, experience hunger and thirst. They lose their livelihoods, their houses and their access to basic facilities.

AMAR works rapidly to respond to emergencies. Focusing on women and children, we serve refugees, internally displaced people and other underserved communities. We are careful to include those living outside of camps in all of our response efforts, as these groups are often the most vulnerable and miss out on the large-scale international responses that tend to target camps.

AMAR provides these groups with access to clean water, food, sanitation, medical treatment, shelter, blankets and clothing. We are committed to working with these groups on a long-term basis until assistance is no longer required.

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