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Amar Teams Are On The Frontlines Delivering Emergency Services To Refugees, Internally Displaced People And Other Underserved Populations Suffering From The Often Devastating Effects Of Human-made And Natural Humanitarian Disasters.

delivering essential healthcare services

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Full set of bedding essentials

New mattresses

10 beanies and scarves

Pillows for entire family

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Healthcare: The Foundation Of Development

Good public health is vital to the long-term development of any local community. Without this approach, social and economic development is restricted and human suffering continues unabated. This leads to reliance on international aid and assistance. AMAR delivers public and primary healthcare to populations in need to break this cycle and set the conditions for communities to flourish.

We work in partnership with existing state health services to improve and expand the skills and quality of existing health care provision, augmenting it where required and helping to raise standards to those set by the World Health Organization. We also provide extensive training to local healthcare professionals and managers, and provide the resources and knowledge base required to deliver lasting improvements to the quality of care available.

We deliver our health programmes without the use of any expensive Western personnel on the ground. Instead we make use of high quality Iraqi professionals who are able to not only deliver the required outcomes, but also make sure that any activity undertaken is both culturally appropriate and intimately connected to the community it serves.

Our Projects

Emergency Medical AID

Refugee Support


Women & Youth Services


Music Therapy

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