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Mr Siddik Bakir is an Advisor to the Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Siddik is advising on the Kingdom’s short term and long term oil strategy.  Prior to that, Siddik worked for Saudi Aramco providing oil market analysis to the leadership of Aramco.  As such, Siddik is a senior energy strategist with in-depth expertise in energy sector, market and outlook analysis. Over the years, Siddik has been training Saudi Arabia’s top talent in the analytics of energy macroeconomics, geopolitics and investment. 
Siddik is also an investor and founder of Majlis Advisory – an investment advisory firm to family offices and funds in the GCC. In his extra time, Siddik is also a board member of the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, which is working on medical, educational and humanitarian work in war and conflict zones. 
Siddik holds three academic degrees: a Masters in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from St Antony’s College University of Oxford; a Law degree from London, and a BA in Political Science, Economics and Islamic Studies from Ruhr University in Germany.
Siddik is a German of Kurdish origin and lives in Riyadh. Siddik speaks eight languages, is an avid reader of history books, and loves the arts and sports. 

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